Building Warrant of Fitness

Overview of BWOF services

We supply a complete building warrant of fitness (form 12), and are Independent qualified person (IQP).
Our IQP is for most systems.

We cover the following building warrant of fitness services:

  • SS1 Fire Sprinkler System
  • SS2 Fire Alarm System
  • SS3 Auto Doors/Windows
  • SS4 Emergency Lights
  • SS5 Escape Route Pressurisation
  • SS6 Riser Mains for Fire Service
  • SS7 Automatic Backflow
  • SS8 Lifts, Escalators, Travelators
  • SS9 Mechanical ventilation systems and air conditioning
  • SS10 Building Maintenance Unit
  • SS12 Emergency power for Audio Systems
  • SS13 Smoke Control Systems
  • SS15.1 Means of Escape
  • SS15.2 Safety Barriers
  • SS15.3 Means of Access & Facilities for people with disabilities
  • SS15.4 Handheld Fire Hose Reels
  • SS15.5 Such signs required by the Building Code
  • SS17 Such signs required for people with disabilities

Regulatory Checks and Maintenance

Our services simplify the task of ensuring your premises meet current health & safety legislation, via regular/scheduled building maintenance and equipment servicing services. We are able to conduct fire safety related checks at your premises, and notify you when when subsequent maintenance checks should be scheduled. We are also able to provide these services on a contractual basis.
Regular maintenance and servicing offered by Vital Fire Protection Ltd include;

  • Fire extinguisher refills
  • Fire extinguisher servicing
  • Fire alarm checks (monthly)
  • Emergency lighting checks (3 monthly)

Surveying and Quotations

We can conduct surveys of your premises, and give quotations based on your specific fire protection needs.
A Vital Fire Protection engineer will visit your premises, conduct a detailed survey, and produce a corresponding quotation for your approval.

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